Hi! I'm Penelope,

You may have been brought here through my other page (the marine biologist one) or by chance you stumbled upon my blog through our mutual love of books and storytelling. Yes, I'm a marine biologist who moonlights as a writer to express my otherwise inhibited imagination. There's certainly no lack of ideas floating around in the beautiful blue shallows of Sydney, Australia where I'm from. 

I finished studying in 2018 and went headfirst into scientific work where routine and autonomy soon took over, but the once whispering storyteller voice began getting to a volume I could no longer ignore. It was during a visit to Spain, in late 2019, where the first pinpricks of an idea began to formulate and I struggled to scrawl my ideas down fast enough. I haven't published my first book yet, but the idea is there, as is the passion to get it down on paper and tell it to the world. 

Join me in what I hope will become an epic adventure of storytelling through my books, and a genuine belly-warming community joined by our mutual love of the written word.​


E-mail: pscarbia@hotmail.com